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We are no longer safe. At every turn, unscrupulous individuals are plotting to steal money from innocent victims. A new scam you may not be familiar with is scam recovery. Yes, if you have been scammed, you can be scammed again by individuals or agencies claiming to specialize in recovering funds. We refer to this bunch of scammers as the bottom of the barrel because they target people who have already lost their money to fraudsters. They will approach victims with the offer of helping them to get their money, prize, or item back, but first, you will have to pay them to help you. Once you do, they disappear.

How Recovery Scams May Lure You

Almost all recovery scams follow the same pattern;

They target people who have been victims of a scam and then approach you with the juicy offer to recover your funds. How do they know you have been scammed? It is because you are on the scammer’s “sucker list.” Believe it or not, it is a list scammers compile of their victims. Then, they sell this list to other scammers, namely scam recovery agencies. The “sucker list” may contain your name, address, phone number, the type of scam you feel for, and the money you paid. Why do they do this? Well, because they believe you can fall victim, the second time if you have been scammed before.

Using the information obtained on the “suckers list,” scam recovery agencies contact you by phone, email, or social media. They tell you that they are willing to help you by tracking down the scammers and retrieving what belongs to you. If you did not know you were scammed, they would pose as concerned parties who have seen the injustice and want to help correct it. They leverage the information they bought to make them sound credible and legitimate.

They will do everything to earn your trust.

The scammers will try to gain your confidence by posing as an agency or individuals affiliated with the government, a consumer advocacy group, or a charity. They can even go far as claiming to be reps of the fake company that stole your money and are addressing the concerns and giving refunds to disgruntled customers. They will tell you that your money is safe and will be released to you. All you need to do is file and sign complaint paperwork, and for this to be processed quickly, you have to pay a small fee. Or make claims that you will have to compensate them to get your name on top of the reimbursement list. Do not fall for these lies because they will disappear just like the previous scammers once you pay anything to them.

Pay for their service.

Their services do not come free or cheap. They will ask you to pay before they even divulge information to you. They refer to the fee as “a retainer fee,” “processing fee,” “administrative charge,” “tax,” “shipment and handling charge.” After which, they request your bank account information and other financial details t deposit the refund in your account. Do not fall for it because they can withdraw large amounts without your permission once they access your account.

How to identify a funds recovery scam

How to protect yourself

Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

They are individual(s) or agencies that seek to use deceit and manipulation to fraud scam victims under the guise of helping them recover their lost funds.

The difference between legit and fake wealth recovery scammers is that the fake ones always demand a ”processing or retainer fee” before divulging any information. Also, the scammers will ask for your personal information before sending the supposed funds to you.

Remember that legit wealth recovery agencies are certified and licensed, so always ask and verify a company’s license before divulging any information. Also, never pay upfront for a refund or give strangers your personal/bank account information.

If you are a scam victim, The Global Payback should be your first point of call. We will give you a free review of your case and work tirelessly to get your money back. 
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Lost money to online fraud? We will recover your funds !

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