Ways To Not Fall Victim To Mail Fraud In 2021.

We tell our clients to keep in mind that scammers can use everything digital to dupe them, including emails.

What is Mail Fraud?

Mail fraud is a deliberate scheme that involves using false promises or misrepresentations to defraud target victims of money, property, or honest services. Mail fraudsters use mail, radio, or television as communication channels to scam victims.

Mail fraud and wire fraud go hand in hand and are treated the same under the law. 

The effects of mail fraud on victims

Countless victims are losing their money in mail scams, and thousands more commit suicide rather than live with the guilt of falling for such elaborate schemes. It is not uncommon to see fraud victims recoil and become a paler version of themselves. First, it is the sadness and despair of losing their hard-earned funds. After that, the shame and disappointment( always directed to themselves) slowly creep in. Unfortunately, most victims will keep the incident to themselves because they feel it is their fault. We don’t blame you, and we are here to help.

Types of mail fraud

  • Impersonation. As the term suggests, the scammer poses as someone from the IRS or financial institution requesting your personal and financial information to access your bank accounts and steal from you. They may show you documents that appear legit but pay no mind because it is all part of the ploy.  
  • Misrepresentation of merchandise. Perhaps the most common type of mail fraud involves an individual paying for but never received an item. Or receiving a package that was not ordered, then being pressured to pay for the item. The scammer may pose as an online store, and once you order and pay for the items, they disappear. Others go as far as hacking the email list of legit e-commerce sites and scamming their clientele. 
  • Promotional coupons or checks. A company might send a notice to their mail list offering a free service or a huge discount. These so-called giveaways and discounts have hidden charges. Many people do not read the fine print and wind up losing money.
  • Fake charities. It is a type of fraud that preys on the goodwill of charitable people, putting up the front of a charitable organization to steal money. A popular one is setting Go-Fund-me pages to raise funds for fake medical conditions etc.

How to recognize mail fraud

Mail Fraud

Here are some common warning signs of a mail scam: 

  • You will receive a mail claiming you have been selected for a reward or promotion.
  • The scammer will send you fake documents requesting your personal information and confirmation of financial info. These documents usually bear an official seal of recognized institutions like the IRS, banks, etc.
  • A request for payment by means other than a credit card – including cash, gift card, etc
  • A request for your credit card or other payment mechanisms for “shipping and handling.”
  • Use of threats if you don’t comply – even the threat of arrest 

Are you a victim of mail fraud? Contact TheGlobalPayback.com today

If you or someone you know is a victim of mail fraud, we ask that you act fast by contacting us because the time frame is essential and every day counts. Luckily for you, we have wealth recovery professionals on our team who know exactly how to get your money back in the shortest time frame. So contact us with details of your transactions and dealings with the scammers and leave the rest to us.

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