Ways To Avoid Scams When Shopping Online

Most people do not have time to visit shops, so they sit behind laptops and phones and browse through endless catalogs. We love online shopping because of its convenience. With a touch of a button, we can purchase anything worldwide and have them delivered to us right at our doorstep. But with the comfort comes the risk of not getting what you paid for and ordered. 

The effects of online shopping scams on victims

Countless victims are losing their money in online shopping scams mainly because there are no regulatory bodies to weed out such elaborate schemes. It is not uncommon to see fraud victims recoil and become a paler version of themselves. First, it is the sadness and despair of losing their hard-earned funds. After that, the shame and disappointment( always directed to themselves) slowly creep in. Unfortunately, most victims will keep the incident to themselves because they feel it is their fault. We don’t blame you, and we are here to help.

  What you Ordered Vs. What you get Scam

It is a ”scam” that has become so popular that it is now an internet meme. We are sure you have seen the sometimes hilarious memes of people getting the complete opposite of items displayed on the company’s website. We refer to it as a scam because customers are led to believe in the product’s authenticity. Many scammers create fake online stores, create counterfeit products, or steal from another website to pass it off as their own. So when unsuspecting customers order things off their website, they either get something they did not order for or nothing at all.

Tips to know when shopping online

Verify the seller’s identity

You must always check an e-commerce website for contact details to be sure it is legit and exists. Verify details like the company’s name, physical address, email address, contact form, and telephone number. Do not be too trusting of websites with European or American extensions(it does not mean they are European or American) or claim to have international affiliations.

Read the reviews and testimonials.

Always check what others are saying about the online business. If it is an app, go to the feedback section and read the reviews. Online sellers like eBay and Amazon have feedback sections to reassure you that you are dealing with credible sellers and companies. And to show proof of previous transactions that happened without a hitch.

 So make sure you get a clear opinion based on reviews before you buy something online.

Do not give out your personal information.

Be suspicious of websites that require your security pin or social security number when making transactions. Most online transactions usually need your credit card details, name, and email address. Anything aside, that is most likely a scam.

Tagged photos expose phony sellers.

Some sellers post photos of products that do not belong to them. One way to verify is by asking the seller to send you a tagged photo on social media. It can be anything from their name, today’s date, or other clients who have purchased the same item. If they refuse, it may be because they are trying to scam you into buying something that isn’t real.

Buy from secure websites.

Do not buy from websites that don’t have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is a padlock symbol that appears in your browser’s address bar. Also, check if the first letters in the address bar change “http” to “https,” especially when you reach the payment stage.


Credible online sellers always provide you with clear and correct information about your rights as a consumer. And that includes having a return policy or warranties. Consumers have the right to a 14-day return or a legal guarantee of at least two years. If you don’t find anything like this on the website, do not buy from them.  

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