Got Scammed? You Must Take These Four Steps Immediately

We often read about people being tricked on the internet into paying substantial sums of money for the ability to trade online but end up falling victim to a financial scam. Usually, our first thought is that this kind of misfortune can’t possibly happen to us. Well, let’s begin by bursting that bubble: Financial scam victims come from all different sectors, age groups, countries, and socioeconomic levels.

That’s why you shouldn’t feel ashamed if it happened to you. The people behind these scams are masterminds at extorting money. There are a few things you need to do as soon as you’ve realized you’ve been cheated – with an emphasis on ‘as soon as’, since the longer you wait, the harder it might be to retrieve what’s justly yours.

  1. Cancel your credit card payments

Well, the first step would actually be not to panic. Fund recovery is possible if you act quickly. After you’ve realized something’s wrong, immediately cancel any further payments you have to the scamming company. We’d even recommend going as far as cancelling your credit card entirely, since as long as the scammer has your card details, you’re not out of stormy waters.

The logic behind this step is double: first, obviously, to stop the scammer’s ability to take any more money from you, and second, to initiate a process of tracking the scammer down. Once your credit card company gets the report that a dishonest deal has been made, they can keep track of the scammer’s billing details – which will make tracking them down easier later on.

  • Delete the account

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many scam victims forget to take this important measure. While deleting your account on the scamming website may not necessarily stop future billing, it will indicate to the scammer that you’re on to them, and that it would be best if they discontinue their dishonest activities.

This is also important for any future possible court hearings, which may be obligatory in the process of refunding your money. Once you have some sort of proof that you officially approached the scamming company and requested they stop taking your money, you may have a better case for the judge to hear (especially if, despite that request, the scamming company continued to bill you).

  • Report to local authorities

After you’ve taken all measures possible to ensure no more billing is done on the scammer’s side, you need to start acting legally against them by filing a formal complaint. Your nearest police station is the first stop, where you’ll probably be asked to fill a complaint form. Make sure you keep a copy of that form, it may come in handy in the process of retrieving your money.

But reporting to authorities does not only mean going to the police. Many countries have special bodies which deal with online frauds, like consumer rights bureaus or cyber defense authorities. The more complaints you file, the better your chances are regarding future legal steps. Moreover, your interest should be not only your money, but also to stop any further scamming by the company – and that’s a step in that direction.

  • Consult our experts

Now that we have all of the bureaucracy off of the table, it’s time to see how you can actively snatch your money back from the crooks. This may be a long and exhausting process, since these crooks are not new to the trade and know how to avoid you and your claims at all costs. Sadly, trusting police investigations alone is usually not enough. You need to take actions against the scammer, and the ASAP rule stands here as well.

That’s where our experts come into play. We’re here to listen to your complaint and see if, and how, we can help. Bring all of the relevant paperwork to a free consultation meeting and we’ll get the wheels rolling, if our offer suits you. You can also try and go at this on your own, but beware: We’re talking about a long and tiring investigation which might lead to a long and tiring legal process. Our experts have the experience needed to make it as quick and simple as possible – and approximately $10 million we’ve already recovered is testimony to that.

You’re not alone

Millions around the world have already reported that they are victims of these bad people. You should not, in any way, hesitate about getting your money back just because you’re ashamed it has happened to you. We’re also here to listen throughout the process if you’re having doubts or need someone to talk to – and you can also share your story with family and friends. Moral support is important here, don’t underestimate it.

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